Brief description of PVD

Physical vapor deposition has a fast deposition rate and a more precise film thickness control. The alloy target material matched with the coating system can control the composition and proportion of the film, so PVD is currently the most commonly used coating technology in the industry. The PVD coating system can be divided into two forms: evaporation and sputtering. The principle of evaporation is to put the material to be evaporated in a high vacuum chamber, heating it to evaporation by electric wires or electron beams, and finally make the gas attach on the surface of the substrate; Sputtering involves injecting an appropriate gas such as argon into the reaction chamber under a high vacuum environment, and controlling the pressure to allow free electrons in the reaction chamber to collide with argon molecules to generate secondary electrons and argon ions. The argon ions are affected by the negative potential on the target accelerated to hit the target and knocking down the metal on the target.


STAR-Series  (Cathodic Arc Evaporation PVD system) from Surf Tech